Nanalysis Desktop NMR

Design of a critical sub-assembly of the NANALYSIS Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer by Avanti enabled the instrument to meet its performance and cost goals. 

"The magnet systems in our products must meet very demanding requirements for high precision and reliability, but at the same time be cost effective to compete in a rapidly developing new market. Frank designed key structural components for us that helped us get our product to market much faster. We were completely satisfied with his innovative design, with the breadth and depth of his expertise, and with his professionalism." - Dr. Garett Leskowitz, Chief Science Officer, Nanalysis Corp.

Tumor Scanner

Avanti was tasked with redesigning an early prototype, incorporating new commercial-off-the-shelf hardware.

Dermatology Hand Piece 


Enhanced design of a dermatology hand piece, incorporating sensors for feedback, enabling the device to deliver energy more accurately. 

Joint project with ALFA LLC

All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying
Equipment (A.L.I.C.E.) redesign


Designed with sketching, cardboard modeling, 3D printing and 3D
modeling in Onshape.

Courtesy of Jacob Eberhart/EnGenuity

Covaris Cell Lysis Instrument


High power focused ultrasonic unit used for cellular shearing (lysis).  Original design was having issues with piezo driver burning out due to over-voltage resonant swings.  Implemented a fast current and voltage control loop with newer RF (1MHz) 250W driver that used the two control loops and enhanced the response time, safety for equipment and organic samples. 

Courtesy of ALFA LLC