Meet the people who move Avanti

Frank Modica
Founder and 
Director of Engineering
Ray Sison
Founder and
Director of Business Development


Ray works for customers, bringing his technical expertise to the table, to create solutions that work for them.


Ray has over 20 years of achievements managing pharmaceutical drug product development and commercialization efforts.  He has extensive experience in program management, outsourced manufacturing, CTM logistics, equipment design/commissioning and facility improvement.  His hands-on problem solving approach and strong technical expertise have earned him a reputation as a matrix management leader for fast-paced dynamic organizations.  He has real-time experience in the lab and cGMP production floor.

Ray earned a BA in Chemistry from Amherst College, and an MS in Industrial Pharmacy from Long Island University.


Frank understands the mindset and challenges faced by companies who need a partner, and strives to make Avanti work for them.


Frank has over 20 years of engineering achievements, with a portfolio of products ranging from steam turbines, to laser scanners and CCD cameras, to scientific instruments, medical diagnostic instruments, and medical devices. His multidisciplinary background has allowed him to effectively lead engineering teams that have developed novel diagnostic instruments and medical devices. He is a hands-on engineer, equally adept with a lathe and mill as he is with  a computer and differential equations.

Frank earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.

Talented mechanical, software, electrical, and optical engineers, chemists and bio-chemists make
Avanti move Forward.
Christopher Tocci, PhD
Principal Electrical Engineer
Jacob Eberhart
Industrial Designer


Chris has nearly 35 years’ total experience in the hardware design space.  His specific area of interest and experience is in advanced analog hardware systems of all kinds.  These advanced designs are found in commercial, industrial, automotive, medical, military and aerospace projects in domestic and foreign corporations. Chris’s specific hardware designs encompass the areas of power conversion, RF/microwave, RAD-HARD space-based power and ultra-sensitive sensing/detection hardware, Class II & III medical grade instrumentation and ultrafast time-domain measurement systems.  Beyond the technical skills, he has the interpersonal experience in coordinating & managing multi-technical personnel to focus on very difficult problems within the client’s specified time and cost requirements.

Chris has been operating his own technical consulting business, ALFA, LLC, since 1996, and joins Avanti on projects requiring his electrical engineering expertise.  For projects only requiring electrical engineering, please see the ALFA, LLC website (http://www.alfaengdesign.com), and Chris' personal LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dcst13) 

Chris earned a BSEE from Clarkson University, an MSEE from Northeastern University and a Ph.D. in Engineering Science (Elec. Eng. and Physics) from Clarkson University.


Jacob is an Industrial Designer with five years of experience in product design and manufacturing, 3D modeling, 3D printing, sketching, and prototyping.  His design interests involve consumer, medical and industrial products and his research interests are thermoplastics and carbon fiber. Jacob has also worked as a Design Patent Examiner for the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Jacob operates EnGenuity  an ID/engineering firm, and  joins Avanti on projects requiring his Industrial Design expertise. For projects only requiring Industrial Design, please see Jacob's LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobeberhart).

Jacob earned a BS in Industrial Design from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).